Points to Remember while Buying a Fragrance

Pointers to remember when buying a fragrance

Nothing is more reminiscent of a person, time and place than scent. And you need to thoughtfully consider the right fragrance for your skin. If you are not a regular fragrance wearer picking something that suits you can be tough. Do you like oceanic fragrances or bold musk or sweet citrus? Deciding on a scent that blends into you and becomes your signature scent is all about personal fondness, however, it can still be very time consuming. Here are a few pointers that will help you decide what fragrance suits you best.

What perfume family do you belong to?

Learn which perfume family do you relish the most as you are going to be spending a lot of time together. You can classify fragrances on the basis of their predominant scent characteristics. First, lets get to know the basic fragrance families: Floral/Fruity/Spicy/Citrusy and sweet/Fresh and oriental. Your instant and involuntary physical and psychological reactions will indicate what fragrance family do you belong under. A particular fragrance might bring back happy and cheerful memories or remind you of a loved one.

What is your personality type?

More often than not, you tend to associate a particular smell with a person. So while you’re at the store sniffing everything you’d want to smell like consider fragrances that suit your persona and speak volumes about it. Your scent to the ones around you, is the very essence of you. Musk and woody fragrances are a sign of a free spirited, bold and an independent woman while foral fragrances are for women more feminine. Its best to think wisely before zeroing down to a particular fragrance to give out the right message to world around you. Perfumes often make good gifts, while picking a fragrance for a friend think of what they would associate better to. The movies they watch, their dressing sense and more.

Know about Notes

Like a glass of champagne or a detailed well-styled dress, scents include of variety of layered notes. Chances are the fragrance of your choice will also have various layers and smell different from hour to hour. These timely layers in fragrances are also called ‘notes’. Layers of scent in a fragrance is what makes it interesting to wear, the length of a particuplar note varies on how heavy it is and what time and environment are you wearing the fragrance in. So what you whiff at the beauty counter will change by the time you get home or work

  • Top notes: This is what you smell instantly upon spraying the fragrance. It’s the scent that first hits your nose but swiftly fades away.

  • Middle notes: A few minutes after spraying the top note gives way to the middle note. It generally makes the crux of the fragrance as it sits on the skin. It is only after this note that the fragrances will settle down on you.

  • Base notes: These notes are finer and aren’t detectable unless you wear the fragrance for at least an hour or more. This note lasts the longest.

Does it smell nice on you?

You often tend to buy fragrances that your friends or colleagues own and end dissappointed because it doesn’t fragrance your body as well. Every fragrance smells differently on different people. The variation is due to fragrances reacting differently on various skin types. Your chemical make up differs from your colleagues and so does your skin type. Body temperature, diet, weather are also a few factors that a fragrance reacts to. It is advised you try a fragrance at a beauty shop leave it on you for an hour and then decide.


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