Making Fragrances Last Longer

How to make fragrances last longer?

By Ital Veloce

I love my fragrance mists! If you are like me then you would definietely want your fragrances to last just like I do. You don’t want your fragrance to do the disappearing act after a hours or even minutes more often than not. If you’ve tried a lot of tricks to make the fragrance linger and it still hasn’t here is your reason to smile.

Here are four surefire ways which will make your fragrance last longer.

Moisturize your skin

If you naturally have oily skin, you just got lucky! For those who have dry skin, apply body lotions that have the same fragrance notes preferably. If not, a simple basic moisturizer to plump up the fragrance and make it a lot more rich would do just fine to soak in the scent.

Apply on pulse points

Heat is what actifies fragrance. Pulse points are point where heart rate can be felt through blood vessels lying very close to the skin. The warmth of the blood is what activates the fragrance. Pulse points are all over the body, however the most popular ones from spraying are: behind the ears, on the wrists, throat and inside the elbows. Doing the above will make your fragrance last almost all day long.

Store it the right way

Heat and sunlight only degrade your fragrance. Even before you open the bottle, the contents will lose their chemical composure and your special evening can turn out to be an odurous disaster. Storing your fragrances in the wrong place can leave your skin scratchy and irritated. To keep your fragrance just the same from the point of purchase, store it in a very cool and a dry place. Avoid sunlight and humid tempratures as well.

Pick fragrances with strong base notes

If you want your fragrance to last long, chose a product with a strong base note. While top notes are generally the selling point of any fragrance, it is actually the base notes that are rich, detectable and long last. Most fragrances have heavy base notes like vanilla, musk, cedar etc. However, some fragrances do highlight their top and middle more.

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