Spray on Ital veloce’s summer snowflakes for a day that doesn’t feel like anything but a holiday

4 Monsoon Looks You Must Try!!

Sonam. M. Kukreja Lush landscapes, hot chocolate, long drives and more. Rains are the perfect way to stay in and unwind. However, along with refreshing rains comes mucky portholes, humidity and so much more that can be a style spoiler. Imagine stepping out in that dolled up outfit only to watch … [Read more...]

5 tricks to make body mists work for you

5 tricks to make body mists work for you

No fashion ensemble is complete without the right fragrance or scent. The lightest way to add a fragrance is by splashing some body mist. Body mists are light and fun, making it the most refreshing way to fragrance. Here are 5 things to keep in mind to make the misty magic work for you: Apply … [Read more...]

Making Fragrances Last Longer

How to make fragrances last longer?

By Ital Veloce I love my fragrance mists! If you are like me then you would definietely want your fragrances to last just like I do. You don’t want your fragrance to do the disappearing act after a hours or even minutes more often than not. If you’ve tried a lot of tricks to make the fragrance … [Read more...]