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The Happy & Healthy Jungle

Ital Veloce is strongly against animal testing. Our customers can be very sure that the products reaching them have not been tried and tested on animals.

Safety testing at Ital Veloce has always been performed on volunteers.


We’re Vegetarian

All the products manufactured by Ital Veloce are 100% vegetarian. None of the ingredients derived from animals contribute to the making of our products. Including, ingredients like civet and even musk. Which are important and popular ingredients in fragrances.

We also are strongly against testing our products on animals and try to promote the same policy to all of our vendors.


Together we the people behind Ital Veloce view our company and products as an amalgamation of our one-ness with nature with the post-modern capitalist nature of our society. Ital Veloce creates products tailored for generation now utilizing the best of Mother Nature’s bounty in a non-polluting, environmentally friendly way. We intend for Ital Veloce to be viewed as the epitome of NATURE-CHIC


To fulfil the need for natural cosmetic products that are ecologically sensitive and sophisticated and will give the consumer a viable alternative to synthetic limitations.Through our products our aim is to be the brand that young India, employees, our stakeholders and vendors can connect with and rally under to stimulate a change in the way we view our world and all the magic it has to offer in an environmentally sustainable way.